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We are animal sanctuary specializing in big cats since 1990. We also have had Wolves but rarely turned down any animal in need. We currently have one black Leopard, one Tiger and two African lions. All our expenses are currently paid out of our pockets and the donations of a generous community.

Some of the things we always need in order of importance: Cash, meat(freezer burned is OK), building supplies, tools, and finally volunteers. We are currently not a 501c3 but are going through the process and hope to be late spring.

More information and image galleries of our animals will be posted at a later time.

We are currently going through application process for federal Non-Profit 501c3 status. Look for updates at a later time for Non-Profit status.

Contact Information

3664 breckenridge rd, Rice Wa 99167
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Hours of Operation

Monday - Sundays by Appointment
By Appointment only

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